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Los Angeles based Olive U was founded by Jennifer Hobaica. The success of Olive U’s collection of women’s and children’s clothing is driven by three core elements: basic styles, the highest quality fabrics, and timeless design.

What began as a line of children’s tees evolved into a "must-have" with the debut of the Peace Collection. The universal symbol of peace, combined with amazing fit and fabrics, catapulted Olive U from a small, home-based business into a full-fledged company. Designer Jennifer Hobaica brings 10 years of experience as a Costume Designer in the entertainment industry to Olive U. Jennifer knows what flatters a woman’s body, and while Olive U is worn by such celebrities as Cindy Crawford and Lisa Rinna, Olive U looks great on just about everyone.

At it's inception, Olive U was available to the public exclusively at Lisa Rinna’s Belle Gray in Sherman Oaks, CA. While Olive U merchandise proved successful in a retail environment, the designer decided to sell Olive U directly to clients through trunk shows in private residences, to maintain the exclusivity of the brand.

Jennifer has a unique understanding of what her clientele desires. As a busy mom of two young children herself, she knows that moms want to feel comfortable and look great, and they want the same for their fashion savvy children. The women’s pant has been consistently described as "the miracle pant.” Olive U is a favorite among teens, busy moms, pregnant women, and even grandmothers who desire both comfort and fashion. The women’s collection is ideal for travel, shopping, family outings, and comfortable enough for lounging.

The children’s collection offers the same quality and cutting edge styling as the women’s collection, and the fact that Olive U clothing is made of the highest quality 100% cotton, and looks great wash after wash, add to their appeal. Sizing is available from newborn size 6/12 months through children’s size 12. Not only has Hollywood mom Brooke Shields purchased tees from the children’s collection, but little ones have been seen all over Los Angeles in their tie-dyed thermals, tees, pants, and hoodies. It has been heard numerous times that children won’t take off their Olive U’s long enough to be laundered!

Word of mouth has created a huge demand from clients around the country, which in turn, propelled Olive U into its newest phase –online shopping. Another level of convenience is now available for loyal clients, in addition to introducing Olive U to people everywhere.

Jennifer Hobaica

Founder and President Jennifer Hobaica brings 10 years of experience as a Costumer Designer in the entertainment industry to Olive U.

After the birth of her first child Jennifer continued to work in the entertainment business. While she enjoyed her career immensely, she made the decision to focus on motherhood full-time. Jennifer, a naturally creative person, released her artistic energy by planning fantastic birthday parties, lending her talents to her children’s schools, and making one-of-a-kind tee shirts as presents for her friends’ children.

The response to Jennifer’s creations was overwhelming. Everyone who received or saw them wanted more and encouraged Jennifer to sell them. When her children reached the ages of three and seven, it was time. She realized that she needed to channel her creative energy in a more substantial way.

With support from her loving family, Olive U debuted at a local charity event and completely sold out of everything.

From shopping parties in private homes, fundraising events, and word of mouth around Los Angeles, Jennifer has successfully combined her tremendous fashion sense with motherhood and enjoys running a creative, thriving business while being there for her family. She is living proof that women can have it all.

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